Strong communities help you build better products

We have had digital communities since the beginning of the tech industry, and of late we’ve seen marketing embrace “community” as a route to market.

But building real community, with the social bonding that leads to better product development, isn’t a matter of creating a slack channel, hiring a dev evangelist, and printing out cool stickers.

Building and fostering real community requires understanding of information needs of your customers, your analysts, your sales team, your product teams, and brokering collaboration across every group.

There is probably already a loose coalition around your product, and that is the perfect place to start. Building community requires understanding existing small world signatures: how the group handles events, topics that are discussed (or excluded), how (and where) to interact, how outsiders are dealt with, what preferred language is used.

Uniting everyone (customers, your analysts, your sales team, your product teams) into one community will take work. As a small example, you may need get your dev team, including your SRE/Platform Engineer, to work with your ops team. Think of the effort required just for that translation excercise! But the payoff will be incredibly valuable.

Ready to get started?

This isn’t a dream, building community to facilitate product strategy is possible. Contact us to talk about how that could look for you.