Community Strategy

Can a community help you build better products? Absolutely! However, this can’t be done by simply creating a slack channel, hiring a dev evangelist, and printing out cool stickers.

Build the Community People Need

The first step to building and fostering a community is to understand the information needs of your customers, industry analysts, your sales team, your product teams, your support teams, and even your competition.

The second step: create a space that removes any barriers people have to collaborating with each other. Building community is hard work, but the payoff of creating camaraderie between these disparate groups is incredibly valuable.

Align Activities to Business Goals

In addition to camaraderie, people are attracted to spaces that consistently fill their need for information. A steady flow of content will help your community grow.

When you post content, it should always align with your business goals. Your customers want to know the inside information about launches and events. Be consistent and open with them, and you’ll level up to the next stage of community: your customers telling your story in their own words.

If you’re a small team, it can be hard to carve out time to create this content. A content calendar can help you with this! Also, realize that you don’t need brand new content every day, you can also share content posted by your partners or community members.

How Can We Help You?

We can help you build a strategy that aligns with your goals, create a steady stream of content to attract community members, and even train your team to keep it running.

Contact us and schedule a free strategy consultation today!

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