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Product Marketing as a Service

You need a Product Marketing Manager. You’re having a hard time finding someone for the role, and the projects you need done are starting to pile up.

You need the services of Digital Sunshine Solutions!

We are a consulting company in Austin, Texas that offers business to business product marketing services.

Product Marketing Strategy

Product marketing is the connective tissue between product management, sales and marketing, and customers.

The Product Marketing discipline is a process! It starts with a solid understanding of your product and the market. Then it helps you decide how best to position your product into the market.

We can help you with all of your product marketing needs, from strategy to content creation to everything in between. Let us help you be more pragmatic in the way you take products to market.

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Community Strategy

A strong B2B community strategy is more important now than it has ever been. In fact, it’s crucial to your product marketing strategy.

The people who know the most about your product are your customers. Even if you don’t know them, they are the ones who make your product work with every other part of their infrastructure and applications.

Shouldn’t you know them? Harnessing their expertise will improve your product management and sales functions. How do you engage with your customers now? And how can you interact with this community and gain their trust, so they don’t remain faceless to you?

We can help you build a sustainable program that uses real engagement that can improve your product delivery.

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Digital Literacy

Digital literacy is a vital tool to fight the prevalence of disinformation in today’s society. How do we bring the rhetoric down? Teach everyone how social media marketing works, starting with how to evaluate online content.

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