About Digital Sunshine Solutions

Digital Sunshine Solutions was founded in 2019 in Austin, Texas. We provide product marketing, content marketing, and social media marketing services to business to business technology vendors.

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About the Founder

Gina Rosenthal is an experienced B2B product marketing manager. She spent the last several years creating compelling product positioning, messaging, and content for enterprise infrastructure and software products.

She’s a community builder – her superpower is connecting people who didn’t know they needed to be connected. She was on the ground floor of creating internal and external communities at Fortune 500 companies, and was one of the original influencer advocates.

Her motto is

Think Big. Think Different. Connect All!

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What’s with the name Digital Sunshine?

Digital Sunshine Solution’s founder is from Florida, the Sunshine State. Our name was inspired by Florida’s Sunshine Laws ,which were created to guarantee the public has access to any political meeting that may influence public policy. In other words, the Sunshine laws shine some sunshine into the dark corners of how laws are created.

Shining that sunshine on tech is our founding principle.

How can we help you?

We can help you build a strategy that aligns with your goals, create a steady stream of content to attract community members, and even train your team to keep it running.

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