Product Marketing Strategy

Do you have a product marketing strategy?

What is Product Marketing Strategy?

Have you ever had a product launch that wasn’t understood by sales?

Have you run marketing campaigns that didn’t resonate with your target market? We’ve all been there. This is why you need a product marketing strategy!

Product marketing strategy is the connective tissue that helps product management, sales, and outbound marketing tell a cohesive story about a product.

Where to start?

You probably already have the components required to build successful product marketing programs.

Can you answer these questions about your product?

  • What does your product do (what market need does it fill)?
  • What problem will this product solve for your target customers?
  • How does your product do this?
  • How does your product work (technically) to solve customer problems?


Validate your current product marketing strategy.

Developing a pragmatic approach to product marketing may seem overwhelming, especially when you have an established product.

We can help you build or validate your product marketing strategy. We can start with easy wins, and build the program incrementally.


Build messaging that speaks to your audience.

Have you ever had a product launch thrown over the wall to you from development, without even understanding what the product does? Messaging should be a collaborative story-telling process, centered on customers.

We’ll help you get out of this cycle, understand your market, and create impactful messaging that aligns to your goals.

Product launches

Deliver successful product launches.

Launching a product is an iterative process, not a single event. Successful launches are tied to business goals, prepare sales and partner teams, and pre-seed the market.

We’ll help you plan successful product launches. We can even lead them for you!

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