Digital Sunshine Solutions is a consulting company in Austin, Texas that helps B2B business with product and community strategy. We are focused on three domains:

Product Strategy

Assisting organizations  with all of their product marketing needs, from strategy to content creation and everything in between.

Community Strategy

Helping organizations build better products by building strong community strategies. How do you engage the people who know the most about your product (your customers!) with the people building, selling and supporting your product? We can help you build a sustainable to use real engagement to improve your product delivery.

Digital Literacy

Addressing the issue of digital literacy to fight the prevalence of disinformation in today’s society. How do we bring the rhetoric down? Teach everyone how social media marketing works, starting with how to evaluate online content that is directed at them.

Why Digital Sunshine?

Digital Sunshine Solution’s founder is from is from Florida, the Sunshine State. Our name was inspired by Florida’s Sunshine Laws ,which were created to guarantee the public has access to any political meeting that may influence public policy. In other words, they shine some sunshine into the dark corners to make sure everyone knows what how laws are being created.

Shining sunshine on tech, whether it be how a product works and could fit into a market or how to identify bots designed to sway your vote during the election, is our founding principle.

About the Founder

Gina Rosenthal is an experienced B2B product marketing manager.  She spent the last several years creating compelling product positioning, messaging, and content for enterprise software products. She’s a community builder, her superpower is connecting people who didn’t know they needed to be connected. She was on the ground floor of creating internal and external communities at Fortune 500 companies, and was one of the original influencer advocates.

Gina is from a small town on the Florida Gulf Coast, but currently makes her home in Austin.