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Why should you apply to be a vExpert? I’ve been a vExpert for several years. Here are reasons I’d recommend the program to anyone who uses VMware products.

Be a vExpert for the Recognition

This was a hard one for me to swallow. I’ve always had a hard time with the expert label. I don’t have a hard time. I’m not someone who has a home lab (these days I do cloud labs, when I get the time). I’m not the first person to download brand new bits to examine what’s new.

I have experience with ESX that goes way back to pre-vSphere days. I’ve been responsible for the product marketing of many partner products over the years, so I participated in the integration of software products (think backup products) with VMware products. I’ve always written about VMware products, I’ve always supported VMworld and VMUGs. But I just didn’t know if I’d be accepted as a vExpert.

Finally after prodding from friends, I applied. And I was accepted, not only by the VMware committee but by the community.

You will be too. You belong with us. Especially if you don’t look like the guys you see talking about VMware. 🙂 There is even a new program called VMware Pro, they can help you with the application. What are you waiting for? Apply!

Have Direct Input on Product Development

The various Business Units at VMware really do hold the vExperts in high esteem. I should know, I was in the Cloud Platform Business Unit for 3 years. At VMware, they know that vExperts, especially customers, are the ones that understand their products the best, because you are the ones that make everything work together.

Your voice is so important that you’re actually able to join smaller groups of vExperts that are dedicated to more specified expertise. Folks that attain this recognition get even closer interaction with the product teams.

Trust me, the product teams listen to your input. Really give back to the community by helping the VMware team make the products you need to get work done.

vExpert Swag

Not gonna lie, you get some sweet swag when you’re a vExpert. You get licensees to play with all of the VMware products. And when we get to VMworld again, you’ll get sweet swag from the vExpert program and VMware partners.

Real talk

I can’t recommend participating in the vExpert program enough. Please don’t be like me, and doubt that you are expert “enough”. Your voice is important.

Apply to be a vExpert!

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By Gina Minks

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