Product Marketing Strategy

Do you have a product marketing strategy? I was a business-to-business (B2B) product marketing manager for big tech vendors, and startups. I’ve brought my experiences to Digital Sunshine Solutions.

What is Product Marketing Strategy?

In my experience, product marketing strategy is the connective tissue that helps product management, sales, and outbound marketing tell a cohesive story to their customers and the market.

Have you ever had a product launch that wasn’t understood by sales? Or Have you had marketing campaigns that didn’t make sense for your market?

We’ve all been there. This is why you need a product marketing strategy!

How Do I Start?

I’d bet that you already have what you need to have a solid product marketing strategy.

Can you answer these questions about your product?

What does your product do (what gap does it feel)?

Why will your customers care about your product features?

How does your product do this (this is where the technical details go)

If you can answer those questions, you can build product marketing programs that will motivate your customers to purchase your product. Additionally, you can prepare your sellers for any launch with effective sales and channel enablement that is tied to your product’s goals.

Does This Sound Familiar?

Many times organizations get stuck in pretty frustrating cycles. Engineers march to a launch date, and they make it! Huzzah!

However, they are too heads-down in product development to help anyone in marketing or sales actually understand the product. It’s very frustrating to build a product with new and innovative features, only to have sales and marketing may totally miss what makes the new product compelling!

When this happens, marketing may go to market with messaging that annoys their potential customers. Or worse, sales won’t have scripts or tools that make any sense to potential customers. By the time this gets sorted out, their competitors have caught up and are out-messaging and out-selling them.

Let’s Develop a Product Marketing Program

Developing a pragmatic approach to product marketing may seem overwhelming, especially when you have an established product. However, product marketing doesn’t have to be done in one marketing big upgrade.

In fact, there are probably areas that can be attacked with simple activities, such as content creation. You can start with the activities that will be easy wins, and build a program incrementally.

I can help you with build a product marketing strategy. Whether you are looking for help with market placement research, competitive analysis, sales enablement, virtual events, or even simple content creation or content review, I’m here to help!

Contact me here to schedule a complimentary 1-hour consultation.