Monday Hot Take [Episode 4]: VMware acquires Datrium

Here are the show notes for this week’s Monday Hot Take: VMware acquires Datrium. What do you think will happen, will they keep it as #DRaaS? Will they use it for HCI? Let me know in the comments.

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Hot take this week: VMware announces intent to acquire Datrium

Hot Take: VMware acquires Datrium

VMware’s stated intent is to expand the current VMware Site Recovery disaster recovery as a service (DRaaS) offering. After the deal closes, the Datrium disaster recovery (DR) service will expand on the existing performance-optimized VMware Site Recovery DRaaS solution with a cost-optimized option.


Picture via Datrium’s Website

Datrium was on Tech Field Day three times, it is a great way to find info on their technology before it gets absorbed into VMware!


Information Sources

This week I talked through how I go about researching about an acquisition like this. It is important to go looking for this information because the PR around these events is always rosy. They know there will be questions, and they craft the message to shut the questions down. If you want to get past the propaganda (everything is awesome!), you need to go back to primary sources.

Real Talk

What do you think will happen with this acquisition – will all of Datrium’s HCI IP be scrapped? Will VMware really only use it for cloud DRaaS? Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

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