Project Monterey: What We Know So Far

Project Monterey was announced (in tech preview) at VMworld this year. This post is a collection of my early reactions to VMware’s Project Monterey, as well as contemplations from other sources.

If you know of an important source of content that I’ve missed, please let me know. I am still hunting for some of the videos.

Pat Gelsinger Video Announcement

I really liked this announcement! Especially the very first bit.

Official VMware Announcement Blog Post

This is the official VMware blog post announcement for Project Monterey.

via blogsvmwarecom

VMworld Keynote Session

This presentation has not been posted yet. Will add it once I see it.

But Suds Jain and Disha Chopra gave this presentation (login required) on SmartNics at VMworld 2019. This is a networking-dense presentation, but since Project Monterey is about SmartNics that’s important.

Suds also wrote this blog post specifically about Nvidia DPUs and Project Monterey.

Wondernerd Blog

My friend Tony Foster (AKA Wondernerd) has a fantastic round up of the news on his blog. Tony is an Nvidia guru (one of the smartest people I know about GPUs + HPC/ML/DL and therefore AI). He has some great takeaways from Nvidia GTC on the news.

Tech Field Day Extra at VMworld – Pensando

Pensando is one of the companies working with VMware on Project Monterey, and they presented at Tech Field Day (I was a delegate).


I was invited to speak about VMworld (and Project Pensando) with Krish Subramanian and Rob Hirschfeld.

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