Pure Storage live blog post from Storage Field Day

Here’s my 3rd post from Storage Field Day – Pure live blog post.

Storage sustainability – Reducing carbon footprint

Pure is working on being more transparent about how their arrays impact the environment. They started with a review of the industry.

IT is 1% of worlds energy, that’s more than some countries use. Power use also impacts a company’s bottom line, especially since data is only growing. Data centers run 24×7. All of these things demonstrate how our industry contributes to climate change issues.

Pure’s ESG report

Pure plans to reduce carbon consumption 50% by 2030. They have a report being prepared by an independent analyst, and their Pure All Flash array uses 80% less energy than competitors. Using this as a competitive weapon doesn’t really sit well with me though.

Other ways Pure storage arrays help reduce power consumption is by reducing raw capacity, getting very dense.

Customers can use a Sustainability assessment to evaluate their storage fleet. It shows a view of storage fleet, including a carbon assessment.


Pure customers can now schedule and run Purity upgrades on their own. They did a great demo on this so make sure you check out the video.